Cross-Country Drive with My Sister



Yes, I am moving home. Back to my roots. And my sister was nice enough to come to California to get me. If you missed the memo, stay tuned – I will be blogging the why very soon. I’m just warming up to this whole blogging thing. Thanks for your patience.

This post will be updated periodically! Subscribe below for updates! Here is our schedule for the trip. We’d love to see you all!

Los Angeles: Monday, March 18 (arrive evening), Wednesday, March 20 (depart early morning)

Vegas: Wednesday, March 20 (arrive early morning), Thursday, March 21 (depart early morning)

Albuquerque, NM Amarillo, TX: Thursday, March 21 (arrive late evening), Friday, March 22 (depart morning)

Dallas: Friday, March 22 (arrive late evening), Saturday, March 23 (depart early morning)

Baton Rouge: Saturday, March 23 (arrive evening), Sunday, March 24 (depart late afternoon)

New Orleans: Sunday, March 24 (arrive late afternoon), Tuesday, March 26 (depart morning)

Nashville: Tuesday, March 26 (arrive late afternoon), Wednesday, March 27 (depart afternoon)

Louisville: Wednesday, March 27 (arrive afternoon), Thursday, March 28 (depart afternoon)

Cincinnati: Thursday, March 28 (arrive evening), Friday, March 29 (depart afternoon)

NYC/NJ: Friday, March 29 (arrive late evening), Saturday, March 30 (depart morning)

SOMERSET, MA: arrive one day before EASTER, Saturday, March 30!



*Pictures, courtesy of my sister, Emily.