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Kevin, me, Liza and Espree

“Hollerin’ Holly”: I got the nickname when I was a Project Manager running a massive construction project. Ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off yelling at people that weren’t doing their job right. And yes, I wore a hard hat. Several of them. No, they weren’t pink.

My background is a little nuts, you’d probably never guess if you don’t already know. LinkedIn link below shows the details, but here’s a quick list of what I’ve done and what I like:

  • Words to describe me: super-connector, detail-oriented problem solver, project manager, evangelist and engineer, loyal, tenacious.
  • Structural Engineering background with a Masters degree and Professional Engineering Licenses in 5 states, plus Vancouver.
  • Licensed engineer since 2004 and Project Management and construction since 2006.
  • Worked alongside Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com as his Life Managing Director for the launch of his book.
  • Originally from southern Massachusetts and a major Red Sox fan.
  • I plan people’s trips and itineraries and have been since 2004 as a hobby – click Concierge link above.
  • Rescued my dog, Kiwi Mac, from Muttville and trying to raise awareness through Kiwi.
  • Lived in San Diego (11 years), Las Vegas (2 years), and San Francisco, CA (1 year). Currently reside in Somerset, MA. – back to my roots! I purchased y dream home 1/2 mile from where I grew up, and am here to stay.
  • Strive to achieve a lifestyle as a career rather than a “job” – work, life, career are all one in the same.
  • I love people.

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